Thursday, September 29, 2005

A Rainy Day

A Rainy Day

music by Arthur Schwartz (left)
lyric by Howard Dietz (right)

You like the blue and the sun with a glare;
Give me a shade of gray,
For when all of the storm clouds were hovering there,
My future came my way.
When there's a shower or when there's a storm,
I am more than gay, for after all...

A rainy day was when I met her.
A rainy day there's nothing better.
You see it happened, we were sharing a taxi,
It was a rainy day.

Of course, at first we both were formal,
But soon we'd get around to normal,
And then we sort of spent the day in a taxi,
It was a rainy day.

What I sought,
One thing I caught in the rain one day,
As we wove through the crowd and she drove every cloud away...

We fell in love and weren't guessing,
Now we spend the time in blessing
The chance romance that came to us in a taxi,
All on a rainy day...


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