Sunday, October 23, 2005

Close As Pages In A Book

Close As Pages In A Book
music by Sigmund Romberg (center)
lyric by Dorothy Fields (upper right)

My joy in loving you is past understanding.

It makes me too eager, much too demanding.

I'm a very selfish lover with a jealous heart.

If you're across the room, I'd be alone;

I've got to feel your cheek against my own...

We'll be close as pages in a book, my love and I.

So close we can share a single love, share every sigh.

So close that before I hear your laugh, my laugh breaks through,

And when a tear starts to appear my eyes grow misty too...

Our dreams won't go tumbling to the ground; we'll hold them fast.

Darling, as the strongest book is bound, we're bound to last...

Your life is my life and while that beats away in my heart,

We'll be close as pages in a book, never to part...


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