Thursday, October 27, 2005

Deep In A Dream

Deep In A Dream
music by Jimmy Van Heusen (left)
lyric by Edgar DeLange (top right)

I dim all the lights and I sink in my chair,
The smoke from my cigarette climbs through the air.
The walls in my room fade away in the gloom
And I'm deep in a dream of you...

Smoke makes a stairway for you to descend,
You come to my arms, may this bliss never end.
We'll love and move just like we used to do
And I'm deep in a dream of you...

And from the ceiling sweet music comes stealing; we glide through a lover's refrain.
You're so appealing and I'm soon revealing my love for you over again...

A cigarette burns me; I wake with a start,
My hand doesn't hurt but there's pain in my heart.
Awake or asleep every memory I'll keep
Deep in a dream of you...


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