Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Down In The Depths

Down In The Depths
music & lyric by Cole Porter

Manhattan, I'm up a tree, the one I've most adored
Is bored
With me.
Manhattan, I'm awf'lly nice, nice people dine with me,
And even twice.
Yet the only one in the world I'm mad about
Talks of somebody else
And walks out...

With a million neon rainbows burning below me
And a million blazing taxis raising a roar,
Here I sit above the town in my pet pailletted gown,
Down in the depths on the ninetieth floor.

While the crowds at El Morocco punish the parquet
And at Twenty-One, the couples clamor for more,
I'm deserted and depressed in my regal eagle nest,
Down in the depths on the ninetieth floor.

When the only one you wanted wants another,
What's the use of swank and cash in the bank galore?

Why, even the janitor's wife has a perfectly good love life,
And here am I facing tomorrow alone with my sorrow,
Down in the depths on the ninetieth floor...


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