Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ev'rything I Love

Ev'rything I Love
music & lyric by Cole Porter

If I were Lord Byron, I'd write you, sweet siren,
A poem inspirin', a killer-diller-oo.
Too bad, I'm no poet, I happen to know it,
But anyway here's a roundelay I wrote last night about you:

You are to me ev'rything,
My life-to-be, ev'rything,
When in my sleep you appear,
Fair skies of deep blue appear.

Each time our lips touch again,
I yearn for you, oh, so much again,
You are my fav'rite star, my haven in heaven above,
You are ev'rything I love...

And while I'm learnin'!
I'll keep the home fires burnin',
You are ev'rything I love...


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