Thursday, November 10, 2005

G.I. Jive

G.I. Jive
music & lyric by Johnny Mercer

This is the G.I. JIVE, man alive,
It starts with the bugler blowin' reveille over your bed when you arrive.
Jack, that's the G.I. JIVE, Roo-tle-tee toot!
Jump in your suit, make a salute, voot!

After you wash and dress, more or less,
You go get your breakfast in a beautiful little cafe they call the mess.
Jack, when you convalesce, out of your seat,
Into the street, make with the feet! reet!

If you're a P.V.T. your duty is to salute to L-I-E-U-T,
But if you brush the L-I-E-U-T,
The M.P. makes you K.P. on the Q.T.

This is the G.I. JIVE, man alive,
They give you a private tank, that features a little device called fluid drive.
Jack, after you revive, chunk all your junk,
Back in the trunk, fall on your bunk, Clunk!

This is the bunk! Clunk!
Soon you're countin' Jeeps,
But before you count to five,
Seems you're right back diggin' that G.I. JIVE.


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