Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Hooray For Love

Hooray For Love
music by Harold Arlen (top)
lyric by Leo Robin

Here's to my best romance, here's to my worst romance,
Here's to my first romance ages ago;
Here's to the girls I've kissed and to complete the list,
Here's to the girls who said, "No!"

Love, love, hooray for love!
Who is ever too blase for love?
Make this a night for love.
If we have to fight let's fight for love.

Some sigh and cry for love.
Ah, but in Paree they die for love.
Some waste away for love.
Just the same hooray for love!

It's the wonder of the world, it's a rocket to the moon.
It gets you high, it gets you low, but once you get that glow, oh!

Some trust to fate for love, others have to take off weight for love,
Some go beserk for love, loafers even go to work for love.
Sad songs are sobbed for love, people have their noses bobbed for love.
Some say I've paid for love.
Just the same hooray for love!


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