Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Was Doing All Right

I Was Doing All Right
music by George Gershwin (left)
lyric by Ira Gershwin

Used to lead a quiet existence, always had my piece of mind.
Kept Old Man Trouble at a distance;
My days were silver-lined.
Right on top of the world I sat, but look at me now---
I don't know where I'm at...

I was doing all right---nothing but rainbows in my sky;
I was doing all right till you came by.
Had no cause to complain---life was as sweet as apple pie;
Never noticed the rain till you came by.

But now, whenever you're away, can't sleep nights and suffer all the day.
I just sit and wonder if love isn't one big blunder.

But when you hold me tight, tingling all through, I feel somehow
I was doing all right---but I'm doing better than ever now!


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