Sunday, December 11, 2005

I'm In Love Again

I'm In Love Again
music & lyric by Cole Porter

Why am I just as happy as a child?
Why am I like a racehorse running wild?
Why am I in a state of ecstasy?
The reason is 'cause something's happened to me...

I'm in love again and the spring is comin',
I'm in love again, hear my heart strings strummin',
I'm in love again, and the hymn I'm hummin'
Is the "Huddle Up, Cuddle Up Blues!"

I'm in love again, and I can' rise above it,
I'm in love again, and I love, love, love it:
I'm in love again, and I'm darn glad of it,
Good news!

Someone sad, had the awful luck to meet, someone bad,
But the kind of bad that's sweet.
No one knows what a glimpse of paradise,
Someone who's naughty showed to someone who's nice...

I'm in love again, and with glee I bubble.
I'm in love again, and the fun's just double.
I'm in love again.
If I got in trouble, I'll be cursin' one person I know.

I'm in love again, I'm a lovebird singin',
I'm in love again.
I'm a spring lamb springin',
I'm in love again, wedding bells are ringin',
Let's go...


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