Tuesday, January 31, 2006

It Never Was You

It Never Was You
music by Kurt Weill (left)
lyric by Maxwell Anderson (right)

I've been searching through rains and the wind that follows after,
For one certain face and an unforgotten laughter.
I've been following signs; I've been searching through the lands,
For a certain pair of arms and a certain pair of hands.

Yes, I've tried a kiss here and I tried a kiss there,
For when you're out in company, the boys and girls will pair.

But it never was you; it never was anywhere you.

An occasional sunset reminded me; or a flower hanging high on a julep tree;
Or one red star hung low in the west;
Or a heartbreak call from a meadow lark's nest, made me think for a moment,
Maybe it's true, I found him in the star, in the call, in the blue;

But it never was you, it never was anywhere you;
Anywhere, anywhere you...


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