Friday, April 07, 2006

I've Told Every Little Star

I've Told Every Little Star
music by Jerome Kern (left)
lyric by Oscar Hammerstein II (right)

I make up things to say on my way to you,
On my way to you, I find things to say.
I can write poems too, when you're far away,
When you're far away, I write poems too.
But when you're near, my lips go dry,
When you are near, I only sigh, oh, dear...

I've told ev'ry little star, just how sweet I think you are,
Why haven't I told you?
I've told ripples in a brook, made my heart an open book,
Why haven't I told you?

Friends ask me: Am I in love? I always answer, "Yes,"
Might as well confess, if I don't, they guess.

Maybe you may know it too, oh, my darling, if you do,
Why haven't you told me?


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