Friday, April 28, 2006

Let Yourself Go

Let Yourself Go
music & lyric by Irving Berlin

As you listen to the band, don't you get a bubble?
As you listen to them play, don't you get a glow?
If you step out on the floor, you'll forget your trouble;
If you go into your dance, you'll forget your woe---

Come get together, let the dance floor feel your leather,
Step as lightly as a feather---let yourself go.

Come hit the timber, loosen up and start to limber,
Can't you hear that hot marimba?---let yourself go.

Let yourself go, relax and let yourself go, relax.
You've got yourself tied up in a knot; the night is cold but the music's hot; so

Come cuddle closer, don't you dare to answer "No sir,"
Butcher, banker, clerk and grocer---let yourself go...


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1:48 PM  

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