Friday, May 19, 2006


music by George Gershwin (left)
lyric by Ira Gershwin (right)

Moon shinin' on the river---come along, my Liza!
Breeze singin' through the treetops---come along, my Liza!
Somethin' mighty sweet I want to whisper sweet and low,
That you ought to know, my Liza!
I get lonesome, honey, when I'm alone so long;
Don't make me wait; don't hesitate;
Come and hear my song:

Liza, Liza, skies are gray, but if you smile on me all the clouds'll roll away.
Liza, Liza, don't delay, come, keep me company, and the clouds'll roll away.

See the honeymoon a-shinin' down;
We should make a date with Parson Brown.

So, Liza, Liza, name the day when you'll belong to me
And the clouds'll roll away...


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