Saturday, July 14, 2007

Peel Me A Grape

Peel Me A Grape

music and lyric by Dave Frishberg

Peel me a grape; crush me some ice;
Skin me a peach, save the fuzz for my pillow.
Poach me a prawn, talk to me nice;
You gotta wine me and dine me...
Don't try to fool me; bejewel me.
Either amuse me or lose me.
I'm getting hungry; peel me a grape...
Pop me a cork, French me a fry.
Crack me a nut, bring a bowl fulla bon-bons.
Chill me some wine, keep standing by.
Just entertain me, champagne me.
Show me you love me, kid glove me.
Best way to cheer me, cashmere me.
I'm getting hungry, peel me a grape.
Here's how to be an agreeable chap:
Love me and leave me in luxury's lap.
Hop when I holler, skip when I snap.
When I say do it, jump to it...
Send out for a scotch; call me a cab.
Cut me a rose; make my tea with the petals.
Just hang around, pick up the tab.
Never out-think me, just mink me.
Polar bear rug me; don't hug me.
New Thunderbird me, you heard me.
I'm getting hungry, peel me a grape...


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