Saturday, October 15, 2005

Better Luck Next Time

Better Luck Next Time
music and lyric by Irving Berlin

For ev'ry rose that withers and dies, another blooms in its stead;
A new love waits to open its eyes after the old love is dead.
That sounds all right in a careless rhyme, but there's seldom a second time...

Better luck next time---that could never be,
Because there ain't gonna be no next time for me, no siree.
Made up my mind to make another start;
I've made my mind up, but I can't make up my heart.

I'd like a new lucky day---that would be nice---
But this comes just once in a lifetime, not twice.

So don't say, "Better luck next time"---that could never be,
Because there ain't gonna be no next time for me.


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