Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Blow, Gabriel, Blow

Blow, Gabriel, Blow
music and lyric by Cole Porter

Do you hear that playin'?
Yes, I hear that playin'.
Do you know who's playin'?
No, who is that playin'?
Why, it's Gabriel, Gabriel playin', Gabriel, Gabriel sayin',
"Will you be ready to go when I blow my horn?"

Oh, blow, Gabriel, blow; go on and blow, Gabriel, blow!
I've been a sinner, I've been a scamp, but now I'm willin' to trim my lamp,
So blow, Gabriel, blow!

I was low, Gabriel, low,
Mighty low, Gabriel, low.
But now since I have seen the light, I'm good by day and I'm good by night,
So blow, Gabriel, blow...

Once I was headed for hell, yes, once I was headed for hell;
But when I got to Satan's door I heard you blowin' on your horn once more,
So I said, "Satan, farewell!"

And now I'm all ready to fly, yes, to fly higher and higher!
'Cause I've gone through brimstone and I've been through the fire,
And I purged my soul and my heart too,
So climb up the mountaintop and start to blow, Gabriel, blow.

Go on and blow, Gabriel, blow!
I want to join your happy band and play all day in the Promised Land,
So blow, Gabriel, blow!


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