Sunday, October 23, 2005

Close Enough For Love

Close Enough For Love
music by Johnny Mandel (left)
lyric by Paul Williams (right)

You and I, an unmatched pair took the time to touch, to share.
Worlds apart the night we met, we braved the odds and won the bet.
Not perfect yet, but close enough for love...

How old fashioned, pure romance; shared a kiss and shared the dance.
Shared the body and bouquet; we'll taste the wine another day
When you and I are close enough for love...

Not just lovers, more than friends;
Who knows where one starts, one ends?
Tracing lights through sleepless nights that I'll remember always.

Always long goodbyes and tearful looks; hold up well in poems and books;
But you and I have life to hold; the greatest story ever told.
Not perfect yet, but close enough for love...


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