Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dream Dancing

Dream Dancing
music & lyric by Cole Porter
When shades unfold
The sunset's gold and stars are bright above again,
I smile, sweetheart, for then I know that I can start to live again, to love again...

When day is gone and night comes on,
Until the dawn what do I do?
I clasp your hand and wander through slumberland,
Dream-dancing with you...

We dance between a sky serene and fields of green,
Sparkling with dew.
It's joy sublime whenever I spend my time
Dream-dancing with you...

Oh, what a lucky windfall!
Touching you, clutching you, all the night through,
So say you love me, dear, and let me make my career
To paradise prancing,
Dream-dancing with you...


Blogger Mysticman said...

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