Saturday, November 05, 2005

Exactly Like You

Exactly Like You
music by Jimmy McHugh (above-center)
lyric by Dorothy Fields (upper right)

I used to have a perfect sweetheart, not a real one, just a dream;

A wonderful vision of us as a team.

Can you imagine how I feel now?

Love is real now, it's ideal;

You're just what I wanted, and now it's nice to live, paradise to live...

I know why I waited, know why I've been blue;

Prayed each night for someone exactly like you.

Why should we spend money on a show or two?

No one does those love scenes exactly like you...

You make me feel so grand, I want to hand the world to you;

You seem to understand each foolish little scheme I'm scheming,

Dream I'm dreaming...

Now I know why mother taught me to be true,

She meant me for someone exactly like you...


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