Thursday, November 10, 2005

Get Out Of Town

Get Out Of Town
music & lyric by Cole Porter

The farce was ended, the curtain drawn,
And I at least pretended that love was dead and gone.
But now from nowhere you come to me as before,
To take my heart and break my heart once more...

Get out of town, before it's too late my love.
Get out of town, be good to me, please.
Why wish me harm? Why not retire to a farm
And be contented to charm the birds off the trees?

Just disappear, I care for you much too much,
And when you're near, close to me, dear, we touch too much.
The thrill when we meet is so bittersweet that, darling, it's tearing me down,
So on your mark, get set, get out of town...


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