Wednesday, November 16, 2005

House Of Flowers

House Of Flowers
music by Harold Arlen (left)
lyric by Harold Arlen & Truman Capote (right)

My house is made of flowers, the warm winds carpet the floor.
Whenever there's spring showers I open a rainbow door---
The frog, the toad, the turtle make my home their home.
My curtains are crepe myrtle, and the fire-flies fly beneath my dome.

I've never had money and I'll never need none,
The moon is my lamp and my clock is the sun.
My home's a home for all those things what grows, what flies, what sings.

If it all sounds temptin' and it do you entice,
I'd shout to the heaven that it do make it nice.
Won't you come live with me?
I'd come live with me, if I were you, if I were you.


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