Saturday, April 08, 2006

Jersey Bounce

Jersey Bounce
music by Bobby Plater (left), Tiny Bradshaw (top) & Edward Johnson (center)
lyric by Buddy Feyne (right) & Robert Bruce Wright (song publisher who received credit for authorship as an incentive to publish)

They call it that Jersey bounce; a rhythm that really counts;

The temperature always mounts whenever they play that funny rhythm they play.

It started on Journal Square and somebody heard it there.

He put it right on the air and now you hear it ev'rywhere.

Uptown gave it new licks!

Downtown added some tricks!

No town! Makes it sound the same as where it came from.

So if you don't feel so hot, go out to some Jersey spot,

And whether you're hep or not, the Jersey bounce'll make you swing.


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