Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just One More Chance

Just One More Chance
music by Sam Coslow (left)
lyric by Arthur Johnston (right)

Just one more chance, to prove it's you alone I care for,
Each night I say a little prayer for just one more chance.
Just one more night, to taste the kisses that enchant me,
I'd want no others if you'd grant me, just one more chance.

I've learned the meaning of repentance, now you're the jury at my trial.
I know that I should serve my sentence, still I'm hoping all the while,
You'll give me...

Just one more word, I said that I was glad to start out,
But now I'm back to cry my heart out for just one more chance.

We spend our lives in goping for happiness.
I found it once and tossed it aside.
I paid for it with hours of loneliness; I've nothing to hide.
I'd bury my pride for just one more chance.


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