Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Let's Fly Away

Let's Fly Away
music & lyric by Cole Porter

I've such a hate on Manhattan lately, that I'd gladly die.
Your converstaion excites me greatly, fo so have I.
I'm tired of the telephone always ringing.
I'm tired of hearing Rudy Vallee singing.
I'm tired of the Paramount's gaudy gilding.
I'm tired of looking up to the Chrysler Building.
I'm tired of having Texas Guinon greet me.
I'm tired of having Grover Whalen meet me.
There's only one solution, dear.
Let's calmly disappear...

Let's fly away, and find a land that's warm and tropic;
Where Prohibition's not the topic all the livelong day.
Let's fly away, and find a country so provincial
We'll never hear what Waletr Winchell might be forced to say.

I'll make your life sublime, far across the blue,
I'll take up all your time compromising you.

Let's not delay, make Mother Nature our Messiah; New York is not for us,
Let's fly away...


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