Monday, November 27, 2006

Looking At You

Looking At You

music and lyric by Cole Porter

I've gone afar, collecting objets d'art, I know the whole game by heart.
Why, Joe Duveen will tell you what I mean, 'twas I who gave him his start.
But since I looked, dear, in your direction, I've quite forgotten my art collection.
To be exact, you simply prove the fact that nature's greater than art.
I'm admiring the view, 'cause it's you I'm seeing.
And the sweet honeydew of well-being settles upon me.
What is this light that shines when you enter?
Like a star in the night, and what's to prevent 'er from destroying my sight,
If you center all of it on me?

Looking at you, I'm filled with the essence of the quintessence of joy.
Looking at you, I hear poets tellin' of lovely Helen of Troy, darling

Life seemed so gray I wanted to end it,
Till that wonderful day you started to mend it.
And if you'll only stay, then I'll spend it looking at you...


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