Sunday, November 06, 2005


music by Cy Coleman
lyric by Carolyn Leigh

I call her firefly, 'cause, oh my, she radiates moonglow,
Wants none of that noon glow, she starts to glitter when the sun goes down.
By eight p.m., it's mayhem; she switches the brights up,
Lights up and gives me a call, "Hey, take me to the firefly's ball."

But when I get her there, set her there, do I get to pet her there and grab me some glow?
No, she's a gad-about, mad about, luring every lad about,
While leavin' me moanin' low.

Oh, firefly, why can't I latch onto you no how?
Oh, how I love you, but gee,
While you set the night on fire, fly, shine a little light on me...


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