Friday, December 01, 2006

Love Is Sweeping The Country

Love Is Sweeping The Country

music by George Gershwin
lyric by Ira Gershwin

Why are people gay all the night and day, feeling as they never felt before?

What is the thing that makes them sing?

Rich man, poor man, thief, doctor, lawyer, chief,

Feel a feeling that they can't ignore; it plays a part in ev'ry heart,

And ev'ry heart is shouting, "Encore!"

Love is sweeping the country; waves are hugging the shore;

Both the sexes from Maine to Texas have never known such love before.

See them billing and cooing like the birdies above!

Each girl and boy alike sharing joy alike, (it's overpowering; hearts are flowering.)

Feels that passion'll soon be national (Sure that passion'll soon be national.)

Love is sweeping the country---there never was so much love!


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